What We Do

Battling addiction is a fight we all need to be in together — whether we are facing the disease ourselves or not.

The team behind Recovery Well has experienced addiction in many different ways, but none of us have struggled with substance use disorder firsthand.

So then what do WE know about addiction?

  • We know addiction is a serious illness, one that impacts millions of people of all ages and from all walks of life.
  • We know our country is facing a serious substance abuse epidemic.
  • We know that addiction isn’t a condition people choose to have.
  • We know that the people fighting for their lives aren’t the only ones affected by their disease — their family, friends, and loved ones are all impacted.
  • We know that people with addiction want to take their lives back.
  • We know that there is help, there is hope, and there are people who care.

So what are we doing to help?

We believe one of the greatest challenges people suffering from addiction face is the stigma surrounding their disease. Addiction is a layered, extremely complex condition, and because of that, there are all kinds of misconceptions that surround it and the people suffering from it.

Our goal is to be a safe place for people to share how addiction has affected them, whether they are combating it themselves or watching someone they care about work to overcome it. We want to share stories of hope from survivors who know that the fight against addiction is one worth having, because no matter how it affects you, life can get better.

Not only do we hope to share these stories on Recovery Well, but with other sites looking to break the stigma surrounding addiction. We believe that having honest, open conversations far and wide is one of the ways that we can all help those who are struggling.

When it comes to addiction, we are all in this fight together.